Cauliflower and Potato

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Things you need :
1 x Frying Pan or Saucepan
1 x Cauliflower – washed and broken into florets
2x Medium Potatoes – Peeled and Diced in 1/4 inch pieces
1 x Fresh tomato – diced
1 x 1/2 pot of Spice Burst
1 x tbps oil
1 x teaspoon of black mustard seeds
1 x cup of water

Simply Mix
Add Oil to pan and heat gently
Add mustard seeds and heat for 2-3 minutes until the seeds start to pop
Add cauliflower and potatoes and stir
Add Spice Burst let it coat all cauliflower and potatoes
Add tomato and gently simmer for 5-6 minutes

Simply cook
Add water, cover and simmer until cooked, stirring occasionally – takes about 20-25 minutes

Simply Eat!

I like this with a little fried rice with peas and sweetcorn
1 x left over Cooked Rice
1 x tablespoon Spice Burst
1 x cup of peas
1 x cup of sweetcorn

Add Spice Burst to pan and heat gently

Mix in the rice, peas and sweetcorn.

Cover and heat for 10 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

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