Let’s take you back to when it all started…

Hello, I'm Amba and thank you so much for visiting Spice Burst! My mission is to show you how you can enjoy interesting, innovative and healthy spiced dishes all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

The idea for Spice Burst was given to me by mum when I was at university and after a number of years working in sales,  I decided to have a change of career and create my own food company:

Indian Creations Ltd.

Mum used to prepare little pots of mixed spices for me when I was a university student so that when I wanted to eat Indian food, all I had to do was simply mix, cook and eat, without having to worry about what spices I had and how much of each ingredient I would need to add. When I started working and lived away from home, I started making up my own pots at the weekends. By doing so I didn’t have to come home late at night and start peeling, chopping and blending!  Instead,  I could open up a spice pot, add it to a pan and cook whatever I fancied. While the pan bubbled away, I could relax and enjoy the evening and eat a delicious meal. 

Using my experience in Indian cooking, recipes from mum and my passion for cooking, I have created recipes on here for you to experiment with and enjoy. I source the best ingredients for Spice Burst, then peel, chop, blend and mix all the ingredients at home to give you the perfect flavours. Nothing is wasted from your pot, as you can use as much or as little as you want and anything left in the pots can be used as flavour boosters for rice, pasta, quinoa… anything really!

I hope you will support me in my business and I look forward to presenting you with new products in the near future. Look out for my ‘Organic Spice Burst’ made with coconut oil – to be available in 2023.

This website will keep you up to date as the product range grows, however, if you have any specific enquiries or catering needs, please feel free to get in touch. I would also love to hear your feedback once you’ve used Spice Burst.

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The no-nonsense, simple and easy approach to a true Indian spiced meal..